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Monday, August 22, 2005


I did a bit of research on e-bay about opening a store, I discovered there are heaps of them online! Woa! And not to mention prices for an online store begin from around $15.00 per month. Since my label is in the embryonic stage and I intend to build it slowly, an e-bay store is out of my budget. I'm still all for using e-bay though! I also think it may be too tough to have an online store for a up and coming designer like myself! I mean if I was L.A.M.B it would be okay! So I'll put the store back on the clothing rack for now!

Registering my business name is going to cost me $70 for 3 years which is okay and means that nobody else can use my name!

Also been looking at woven clothing labels...did some research but got lazy and settled on clothinglabels4u.com which is based in the USA..somwhere! Actually her work looked DaM gooD! And prices are reasonable but it will pay to do more research...sigh..

I've also been reading a blog at fashionincubator.com. It's a Canadian website built for designers in Toronto, Canada. Anyway back to the blog. Carolyn Rohaly has begun her journey in the fashion world and has written about it. She talks about the excitment and the trauma of starting a flowering business. She also mentions a book by the name of Lovemarks, written by Kevin Roberts. Apparently it's a must read! So you can guess what I want for my birthday! It's good to know there are others blogging about their adventures in the fashion business!

Here is the link if you are interested in reading it.


Speaking of the net I also came across another nifty site for designers who can't afford to travel to Tokyo. It's a proffessional sight that....sigh....requires you to become a member at a cost of $800 USD a year which is a bargain if your cashed up like me!...NOT! I'm sure it's a great sight full of useful information but for now it's only for the big guys...Guess I'll just have to stay in Japan!


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