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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Scenes from Odaiba

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Review - SOU SOU

Ever since the summer festivals I have wanted a pair of tabi shoes. They look so different - they stand out. And that's what I look for when I'm after a new pair of shoes.

On Sunday, I was walking around Odaiba in Tokyo and stumbled across a fantastic store by the name of SOU SOU. Inside the store I found traditional Japanese clothes such as tabi shoes, geta and kimonos and t-shirts and shirts with quirky prints. The store also sells a small range of items for the home.

I quicky tried on a few different styles of the tabie shoes and was wrapped about how they looked, however like the traditional tabie I found the sole to be a little thin and if I wanted a bit more support for my arches then an insert was an extra cost.

The design of the tabie had not changed at all. The fabric was a thin canvas, which was the same as the original tabie. In the end I was a bit disappointed because the shoes did not fit the needs of someone like me, who requires an extra insert in my right shoe.

I would have liked the shoes to have thicker soles, thicker fabric and a better way of doing them up, rather than the traditional way. Zips would have been much better.

SOU SOU has great designs, but sadly I did not purchase tabie shoes.

Sunday, August 27, 2006


trendwatching.com (via Fashion-Incubator) is a cool site giving info about the latest business innovations and trends for free. It's not something that I would use for trendspotting. I prefer to use my gut feeling. But if I see something cool on the site, then I just may add it to mine.

PR and Bloggers

Style Bites made some good points about receiving products for review from PR firms. And there are some great comments and responses from Julie on her blog about the subject. But honestly, I am not too sure about the whole thing.

Hollywood stars are always endorsing products. Meg Ryan and Nescafe, for example (I doubt she has ever tried it! And if anyone knows Meg, then ask her for me). I don't like the whole endorsment thing if it's just for cash or free products. I would prefer to see people or stars who actually use the product because they like it. This of course is not easy, as the PR firm must actively find a celebrity that uses the product. And time is money, so why bother? Just pay someone that the public loves and would be a good 'face' for the product.

Le Solei argues that the whole PR/Blogger thing is useless due to the lack of people that it reaches, and if it did become successful then it would just be another sales brochure leaving readers distrustful. However Julie believes bloggers will never fall into exploitating readers.

I think its great that Julie has faith in bloggers and I'm sure a lot of bloggers will stay faithful, however I can see, as a blog becomes popular and if there is enough money thrown at them, then he/she will just become another Meg Ryan. And that's my concern.

As readers become more trusting in a Blogger, then the more they are going to trust them about the product they are plugging or talking about. I for one, completly trust fiftyRX3 when it comes to product reviews.

I hope, as the PR/Blog thing evolves Bloggers will be responsible for what they choose the review in exchange for money or freebies. I would be very disappointed if it becomes another online advertisment.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Tokyo Retro

Here are some pics of Tokyo in the 70's. Thanks to the Honda's Motegi Twin Rings in Tochigi.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Swatch arrival

My fabric swatches arrived today for my organic bags I plan to display at the Design Festa. At first I thought I would just choose some fabric myself and order a yard of each to make samples to be used at the Design Festa, but then I changed my mind. I thought it would be best if I consulted a few females about which fabric swatches they would like to see as a bag and with what prints (Which I am currently in the process of making). Since I will be selling organic bags I want to have a 'natural theme' and will use Australain trees, flowers and perhaps animals for my 'story' of bags.

I plan to only have one 'line' this time around. Last year I made bags from recycled and polyesters fabrics. It was a bit of a mix, but I wanted to show people what I could do and what could be done with recycled materials. I don't think Japan is ready for recycled fabrics yet. I feel organic may be more succesful if I can pitch it in the right way.

In addition to that, I will only be making say, 10-15 of each bag design and print. That way they will still be special. I have in mind of having only 3 or 4 designs in total. Keeping any work reasonable for one person to complete. The final bags will not be posted on my blog until the day or perhaps the day after the Design Festa. I am keeping that a secret.

Monday, August 14, 2006


Friday, August 11, 2006

Gaijin Goths

Many posts ago I complained about how there were many westerners trying to do the Japanese gothic look rather unsuccessfully. I'm talking bad make-up and bad costumes! I am happy to announce that I recently photographed some very cool looking western goth chics! WELL DONE!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Style Spotting

Sunday, August 06, 2006

A small shift

I am considering making a shift due to fabric availability for a few of my bags. Some of my bags that I have made, I have used recycled wool shirts. I think the bags look great, but I am struggling to find wool shirts even in winter. I could use cotton, but the finished product doesn’t look as good. So far, I see two options.

1. Buy wool fabric from a store.
2. Use polyester felt instead.

Option two is better, as it goes with my philosophy of creating products that are friendlier to the environment, however the finish will be different. I need to experiment with this.
I spent last Thursday trying to get my bags into some shops on CONSIGNMENT! I know it's a dirty word and Kathleen would go mad if she read this but the plan is to begin on consignment then later to COD. Small orders too, because everything is handmade by myself. So far I have only been to less than a handful of shops but I have been getting valuable feedback about my bags.

New Blog

I was motivated by Anna Laura to start a new blog: Fashion Forecast. I've only added an intro so far.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Project Runway

I was kinda over reality TV shows till I stumbled across this one. Now I am addicted to it! Project Runway is about 15 Designers who are given a chance to have a spread in Elle Magazine. Each week there is a project that must be completed and at the end of each show a contestant is given the boot. See youtube.com or visit the BRAVO TV website for more

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Design Fest Dec 2 2006

I have decided to have another booth at the Design Festa on December 2nd. This time round I plan to have an organic range of tote bags which will have a screen-printed graphic on each bag using a Print Gocco that I just bought. I have wanted one for years but never bought one because it was too expensive for my student budget at the time. I forgot about it until I read Kirin Notebook which had a link for the Australian print Gocco website. I was going to buy one online however I spotted Print Goccos for sale in Tokyu hands in Tokyo and snapped one up! It’s only a basic set but if all goes well I will splurge and purchase a larger one at the end of the year.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Sunday: Yoyogi Park

PS: Vests will be 'in' next summer. Over T's or on it's own...guys only.

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