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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Japanese Interview

There were a few film crews around too interviewing the girls (mainly) too. This video short is a of a Japanese interviewer.

Sunday at Harajuku

Harajuku on a Sunday is always a hoot! And Since I've just gotton into youtube.com AND for the last few days I've access to high speed internet...(sadly though that won't last) I thought I would try and use it as much as I could and film what's happening in Harajuku!

Saturday, July 29, 2006


Summer wear

In summer you'll often find people wearing a Yukata. It's a kimono but for the summer. I've seen people wearing these at Disneyland and on the streets of Tokyo. It's also the season for summer festivals or in Japanese, Natsu Matsuri. During these occassions Yukata's are worn.

I was in LOFT on Tuesday and spotted some Yukata's for men. These had skulls and spiderwebs on them. Since this tradition is fading I guess they are trying to change the designs for the more hip generation.

I also saw these little bears which I'm sure will become popular too!

Friday, July 28, 2006

Lucky Taro

Remember when I went to Shimokitazawa in Tokyo with my friend Tomomi and bought a Lucky Taro? Well I've been seeing school kids with Lucky Taros hanging off their bags, which is a sure sign of an upcoming fad. Come Tuesday in Tokyo, and sure enough there were Lucky Taros everywhere! Some where a little different, a little cooler even, dressed up as witches or mummys. Expect to see them in your town soon!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Weaving video

Here is a short video of the weaving I did.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Sado Weaving

I am back from my holiday. It was great exploring the Island of Sado, doing pottery using locally made clay and even a bit of traditional weaving.
I have been interested in weaving ever since I tried it out at the Design Festa in May this year. However the loom I used in Sado was different from the one I used at the Design Festa. In addition the ladies used recycled futons, kimonos and cushion covers rather than wool, which was used at the Design Festa.

Here is a photo of what I made.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


I am heading off to the island of Sado, just off the coast of Nigata for about four days. The rain has finally stopped for a few hours. (I kid you not) I hope it stays that way for the next few days! See you in about a week!

The Eco bandwagon

It's great that Levi’s have organic jeans on sale soon (via http://fiftyrx3.blogspot.com) and Adidas has recently come out with shoes made from army surplus materials (also via fiftyrx.3) But why? Is it because they care? Or are they just taking a chunk of the eco market? (most likely a large chunk because they are a brand) I believe they are doing it for the money, rather than the enviroment. But before I continue to rant on about these accusations I need to back myself with evidence.
After doing a search on the net I discovered the Levi's values and vision statement. It says nothing about the enviroment. The Levis's statement talks about empathy, listening to the world around them and being socially and ethically responsible. It saddens me that they would rather listen and then take action, than be a leader for change.
It was refreshing to see that Adidas actually has a policy and links to it's enviromental policy and sustainability on its website. I was happy to be WRONG! And happy to see a company as large as Adidas doing something. Lets hope this will spread to EVERY company.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

'Label' or Label?

Where does the TOTE label belong in the fashion world? It's not up there with BAPE or Tsubi, which are highly sought after labels. But it's not at the craft level either where things are done for 'fun,' and profit and income comes last. I like to think I am in the 'label' stage. Making the slow transition from interest to 'label' to label.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


My first article for Camarilla was posted today. Check it out here.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Summer Stylin Hair

Have I mentioned there are heaps of cool magazines here in Japan?….Yeah I have! There are magazines for every look… just in case you need an image change.
Pooch mags….by breed of course! And zines that specialize in cafes in Tokyo. I’m yet to buy that one though. This time I bought Smart’s special summer haircut issue. See, like clothes in Japan, hairstyles change with the seasons too.

Hairstyles are great in Japan even for GUYS! The styles constantly change and evolve. Wish I could say the same about Melbourne. I wonder if the Beckham cut is still in? The trouble is Melbourne looks to Europe for its hairstyle inspiration. The same goes for fashion. Melbourne needs to look everywhere, rather than the same spot. Anyway enough of the Melbourne issues and time for the photos…thanks to SMART magazine…and my camera!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

And fabric for my 'obi's...but like I said, only one is suitable.

And here is the 'Obi' sample...


I haven't been doing much with the bags. I made a new one and posted it up on etsy over the weekend and in addition I have ordered some labels. They should be arriving around the end of August. I was also thinking about making some bags made from organic cotton. I ordered some sample fabric from NearSea Naturals, which were great, but a little too thin for bags, which means using interfacing. Which is not organic. So if I used an interfacing then the bag would only be 50% organic. Would you buy a bag that was 50% organic? I guess it is better than nothing. Anyway, I 'm still thinking about that one.

I have also finished off making my final 'obi' sample. Meli has already offered to buy a made to order obi, but as I was going through my fabrics for possible obi creations I found them to be a bit too dull. I'll post them up here for everyone to look at (including Mel). I may have to buy some more kimonos.

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