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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

How to set a trend/fad

It's just four steps to make a trend - Try it at home.


Take something that you like and know it will be a hit with your friends...say for example some exotic tea or unknown T-shirt brand. Let them try it or see it. Tell them you bought it from one of those cool "underground hip new designer stores or a market somewhere that you can't remember the name of. TIP: be confident, but casual when you talk about it. Like it's almost not important.


Walk into a few shops/cafes with one of your friends and ask for whatever your trying to make trendy. When they announce "It's not in stock" pretend to be disappointed. Tell them you saw it last week in some other stylish city for example ,if you live in LA, you say NY. For London it's Paris. Quietly mention that a friend saw some famous person wearing/eating it in a magazine a few weeks back.


Casually mention to your gay friends that Brad or Orlando loves it.


Sit back. keep wearing/eating/using it and within 3 months everyone will want it!

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