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Sunday, August 14, 2005

I'm not promoting it but...

I was visting a friend the other day when I spied upon her shelf, a book by the name of "Shopping Secrets". It also mentioned Melbourne on the cover so I thought "here we go..lets see what it's trying to offer"....I was stunned..surprised even! Finally someone had put togther a book for the stylishly challenged and for people who can't be bothered looking for those hidden shops that are only found out by word of mouth or simply stumbling across it.

It had all my favourites plus a few surprises...fat 52 and 72...the Melbourne Design and Fashion Incubator...I would have been interested in getting a copy for myself however I'm not in Melbourne so why bother...

There is a website. I checked it out, however it only has a sprinkling of shop info..but here's the link anyway.


Melbourne Spring Fashion week

It's time again for Melbourne Spring Fashion week...It's a bit sad though, as this year all events cost..shame about that..

Menswear Trends

I like to keep an eye out on what's happening in Melbourne "fashion wise" check out these menswear trends. I'll let you be the judge..


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