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Friday, August 05, 2005

My issues with Gwen

Gwen you were great in No Doubt...then I saw your clip "Watcha waiting for"...fantastic I have to say! Almost inspiring... Waited eagerly for your CD. Then the Gwen bubble burst...heard you rant about Harajuku girls and just how cool they were..yes we know that Gwen but do you have to make a song and actually put it on a CD...!...sorry but the word is TRAGIC! I expected more from you. The L.A.M.B label has some great designs...just don't go all Harajuku tryhard on us....but if you do ...do it properly and send your team to Tokyo for research...sorry Gwen. Please forgive me I still like you and know we can be friends still...humm can I get smacked by lawyers for this sorta thing...?

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