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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Those D&G Jeans

People in the US are getting a little precious (as always) over D&G jeans...they are a bit below the waist. I think they are okay......on Brad Pitt - see fight club - or a muscle or non muscle mary. But those D&G models....no thanks!



Speaking of things around the waist I am waiting for the rest of the western world to catch up with Japan (guys anyway) and start wearing a "pouch" around their waist. (picture to come) These "pouches" usually come in "leather" and are used to store cash, mobiles and even product so you can give that hair a retouch when it needs it..I"m always seeing the J-boys doing it!

New designers in the making

I am happy to see some new Japanese designers rising in the ranks in Melbourne such as Hoshika Oshimie and husband Tatsuyoshi Kawabata with their label; ESS-HOSHIKA ( I have mentioned this before) They will be taking part in the Melbourne Spring Fashion Weeks "New Order" show September 9.


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