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Monday, August 08, 2005

Who is the Harajuku Girl?

Who is the Harajuku girl? Are they the girls that dress up and hang out near Yoyogi park on Sundays waiting to be photographed? Or Are they the girls that wear multilayer, mutli- accessory and brash threads that parade around Takeshita and Harajuku Street - also known as in the monthly magaizine as "fruits".

Gwen Stefani describes Harajuku girls as wearing Vivieen Westwood, a Bathing Ape, having wicked style and claims to be their biggest fan. But perhaps this is just her definition of the Harajuku girl.

I define this underground culture of style now called by the west Harajuku Girl, as a girl or more recently, a guy who mixes brands, vintage and self produced pieces together to form an extension of their personality and taste and perhaps even a statement.

In his book Fresh Fruits, Shoichi Aoki describes the culture of "Fruits" as a result of teenagers "desire to be different from their peers" which causes a ripple effect. Pretty soon the emerging style becomes the current trend. So do these "Fruits" come under the Harajuku girl banner? If they do, they are fashion inovators, masters of style that are so ahead of their time and looked upon in awe that even pop stars from the west such as Gwen Stefani are even making songs praising their style.

Just who is exactly the Harajuku girl remains a secret much like the clothes these girls and guys will be wearing in the near future. But for now lets enjoy this culture that is emerging from the depths of Tokyo's streets for too soon it may become commerical.

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