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Saturday, January 21, 2006

The Skinny about Bunka Fashion Colleage

I'm currently surfing the web for information (in English) about short courses offered by Bunka Fasion Colleage....here's a snipped about Bunka that I found....all's I can say is eeek!

Tough education at Japan Fashion College

Attending the legendary Bunka Fashion College is not something for the faint hearted. The Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo is Japan’s most influential fashion school. The school is famous - one could also say: notorious – for its strict curriculum and very heavy workload with deadlines piled on mercilessly. Students contend they get an average of five to six hours sleep a night and no sleep at all before big display events.
Typical for a male or female Bunka graduate is that he or she can work long hours, something that always seems to amaze Europeans and Americans. But being accepted to Bunka means a student is already halfway up the ladder leading to a slot in the nation’s $80 million fashion industry. Anyone who designs anything be it an apron or an evening gown has been inspired by or actually attended Bunka.
Bunka has no less than 70 branch schools across the nation and is the last word on Japanese fashion. During the ‘60s at the highlight of French couture the school felt confident enough to invite men like Christian Dior and Pierre Cardin to come and tour the premises.
Originally only women attended Bunka but now the number of men on campus is almost equal to that of women.
Outside Japan people think the tiresome working hours these students keep are part of the Japanese workaholic mentality. They forget though that clothing design in Japan is so competitive that if one stops a moment to take a break one of her competitors will railroad over her.
October 23, 2002


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