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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Hey There! I am sorry to post this as a comment but I can't find a way to email you!


Julie Fredrickson of Almost Girl here. This coming Friday I am launching Coutorture Media and I am inviting you to join me as a blogging partner. So please bear with me while I give you the who, what, where and whys of Coutorture in hopes that you might join me!

The online fashion world is an abusive place. Magazines, blogs, newspapers, retailers, forums, and designers all struggle for attention amidst the glut of information that is online fashion. There is no coherence, no structure, and most importantly no community around which fashion lovers can rally.

Coutorture gives fashion lovers news, commentary, and community in one convenient location. Integrating old media, fashion blogs, online magazines, and exclusive new media rich content, all while promoting a live forum of feedback and active participation, Coutorture is the new destination for the online fashion community.

We partner with other fashion bloggers, online fashion magazines, fashion forums, and fashion professionals in order to promote the online fashion community.

Blog partners share their content on Coutorture, enabling it to be shown on our daily front and section pages as well as allowing it to be part of the Coutorture Conversation’s community. All content will feature the blogger and link back to the site and any comments left on Coutorture relating to your post will automatically show up on your blog as well. Edgy, helpful, snarky, beautiful, wordy, gossipy, serious, literate, insider, outsider-all content is welcome at Coutorture. We welcome many varieties of content, including written, graphical, audio, or video. The upload process is automated using Dapper software so participating is as easy as saying yes I want to participate. We take care of the rest.

These partnerships allow us to organically drive traffic between Coutorture and our partners, insuring that the larger fashion community is kept vibrant, alive, and together. By making all content on Coutorture subject to feedback and community input that content becomes more dynamic and alive within the online fashion world. The interaction between Courtorture’s readership, current Partner readership, and the larger fashion community allows us to truly develop a stronger online fashion community that is engaged and responsible to us all.

For more details please check out Almost Girl (http://almostgirl.coffeespoons.org)
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