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Sunday, April 09, 2006


When the internet began, people had no idea about what it would be and what it could do. I can recall somtime in the 90's I think, Lauchlan Murdoch giving a lecture about the net. He spoke about not knowing the power of the internet but wanting to find out. This is how I feel about Coutorture.

There has been a lot of people over at the fashion student giving their two cents about Coutorture - mostly negative I have to say. Which is fine - after all, it is the net, where people's voices and opinions are free, unlike some countires in this world. I feel that Coutorture needs to be given a chance to evolve and to become a community before it is ripped apart and dissected even further by people.

I hope it doesn't become like glam.com. Full of ugly advertising (well too much of it anyway) and mainstream clothes. I envisage Coutorture to become a place where independent designers and bloggers can come together, meet and share knowledge about fashion and design so they can enrich themselves.

Criticism is okay. Constructive criticism is better.

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