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Friday, April 21, 2006

How far do DE's blog?

There has been some talk on Kathleen's site about DE blogs and how there are not many of us out there. However, this has since been corrected by Kathleen as DE's have pointed out or 'come out' that we are online.

The comments that I read got me thinking about support and unity and how we have the power to help each other rise in this industry. However with these strenghts may come weaknesses too such as 'knock offs, idea stealing and letting it all hang out, so to speak. In addition there are some nasty people out there leaving awful comments which may impact on patronage.

I said on Katheen's site, I don't have these answers. So I am inviting bloggers, DE and our customers to give some thought to this and make some comments on their blogs. If you are interested in participating you can either leave a comment here or leave a link so I can make a summary. Make sure you link or comment by next Friday. I will try and have the results out by the Monday.

Let the DE carnival begin!

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