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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Organic Dyes?

I am interested in fabric dying and organic dyes. However, so far I have not found much information online. Amazon has a few books on natural dyes but I am reluctant to purchase a reference book unless I have flipped through the pages myself or it's been recommended by a friend or a blogger.
Joyful Honda (yes, you read it correctly), which is a huge hardware/grocery/craft store in Japan, does stock natural dyes and has books about the processes. Unfortunately, the books are printed only in Japanese, and even though I can speak basic Japanese it's not at the level where I can read books of this type. The best I can do is TUNE magazine as there is hardly any writing so I don’t have to spend hours looking up kanji in my dictionary. Maybe I need to study more instead of blogging and making bags for the design festa.

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