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Saturday, April 22, 2006

So what do I blog about?

My entries vary depending on how I'm feeling and what is going on in the fashion blogging realm. But do I have a theme? I would have to say it’s Japanese fashion. I love posting pictures of Japanese people looking stylish. As my Japanese improves I intend to try and chat to them about their clothes and where they bought them. In addition I like writing about fashion magazines and what they cover, as J-zines are the best! I am originally from Melbourne Australia, and I have to say that the magazines there are pretty poor. However there are a few good street mags like fashion journal.

So far I have not divulged much into my bag making. I just post photos, links for purchasing and some brief information about each one. However I am considering peeling back just a few of the layers for people to see. Such as my recent bag dying experience and experimenting with calico bags. As well the design festa is coming up which I will be part of, so I will be writing about that experience too. I am also considering posting a photo of my very small workspace….once I clean it up. It’s a mess at the moment!

Hi Jason, just a very quick note to say I have found you via fashion incubator. I like what you are saying, I too am from Melbourne AU, well near there anyway! I must go and do some sewing as I have been spending way too much time at the computer. I look forward to more discussion about blogging, DE's etc.
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