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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Coming out

I thought I'd come 'out' and post a photo of myself....I finally got one that I think is decent.

Wow, you're a boy! I know that Jason is obviously a boys name, just always assumed you were a girl! (don't know why! probably some inbuilt sexist assumption that most fashion bloggers are girls! Sorry Jason!) You've mentioned Australia and Melbourne before, are you an Aussie?

What are you doing in Japan? Do you speak Japanese? I'm loving the photos by the way ! I am keen to get to Japan sometime soon as I've always been taken with the art and culture. My hubby lived in Tokyo for two years and has no photos! How slack is that !
Surprise! And yes I am Australian and Melbourne born. As for what I am doing...well... I'll tell you..I am an ALT (Assistant Language Teacher) I work four days a week, which gives me enough time to make bags, study pottery and Japanese.

As for my level of Japanese. Well I can have a basic conversation...not so sure how'd I'd go talkig about fashion though...not too good I'm sure! Learning a new language takes ages!

Your husband has no photos! I can't believe it! Come to Japan! But bring lots of spending money...they have great books on design (but in Japanese and I don't understand it. But the photos are great!)
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