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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Design Festa fun

Great pics Jason, looks like a pretty huge design festa. It's cool that you got to meet other DE's, it's always interesting to hear how others are approaching launching their own enterprises. Is that you weaving? Looks like fun.
Hi Jason,
The festa looks like a lot of fun and inspiring too.
Thought I would let you know of a website called Etsy where you can sell hand-made stuff. I think it is better than e-bay as everything has been hand-made by different artists and craftsmen.
Your bags might fit in well there.
cheers, Christina.
Hey guys...Yes Lol B that is me weaving. I've seen looms for sale in Japan, but I didn't know how to use one. When I saw them at the Design Festa I just had to have a go! Still don't know how to set one up, but it was a lot of fun. And the Design Festa is HUGE..

Thanks for the ETSY tip. But guess what..? I just opened a store there the other day. The link is on my BLOG (see vist my online store). If you don't mind can you check the prices out for me and let me know what you think? I was told by a retailer at the Design Festa that they are too cheap. Hence the increase on my store.
OH yeah!
I missed that, they look great. I'm afraid I can't give advice on pricing, I have been told the same thing about my clothes. It's really hard because on one hand you want people to buy, on the other hand they are hand-made and on the other hand reducing the price can devalue I think (I know that's 3 hands, nevermind!) It's disheartening to see mass-produced stuff being sold so easily , but I guess we just have to plug-on, find a market and hopefully people will put more thought into their purchases.
Yep. Lets keep on plugging!
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