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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Dyeing dilemma

I like calico as a fabric, so thought about using it for my bags. I had some ideas about dyeing the calico to give it a gradual fading effect, from dark to light and adding an adapted version of sashiko stitching as well. (Sashiko is a style of Japanese stitching)

I had the dye, I had the fabric, I sewed and I dyed! I washed it and let it out to dry…and these are the results (see photos)…disappointingly my calico project failed. Because of the fabric that I used, as well as using a different type of interfacing, the bags looked worn... aged and with bubbling due to the interfacing. (Which I was kind of expecting)

I was happy with the dyeing effect, although it wasn’t from a natural dye, and the sashiko stitching as well. I am going to take those two bags to the Design Festa to see if they move. Japanese people have different fashion sense, so someone just may purchase it or give me some feedback about it at least.
I will use the sashiko stitching in the future…truth be known I already have used it on two other bags I recently finished. I may try and use some different fabric to dye as well. This time using interfacing that I usually use. But I need to have a think about what fabric I want to use…. maybe a white felt would be nice…?

I've done this faded dye technique before with silk and silk dyes, but I would imagine the technique would work on any dyeable fabric.
First, I didn't apply the interfacing until after I died the fabric.I measures up to where I wanted it to start fading out. Then I wet the fabric then rolled the extra water out of it with a towel. Next I mixed up my dye in one bowl, and then filled another bowl with clear water. Then I used a large soft artist brush to apply the dye, fading it as I went up, and using the clear water as a medium to make the dye lighten and blend towards the fade mark. I let it dry and then did it again if needed. It worked well and I had more control over the look.
Thanks! I like that idea about having more control. I used a dye bath and dipped the fabric in and out till I was happy with it. However I found that it faded upon drying. I also had trouble with the dye getting into areas that I didn't want it to go. Like the handles! I have no idea how it made it up there! So I decided to dye that area too..
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