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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Hang Tags!

I have been thinking for ages...How can I make a hang tag myself without it looking cheap and having the 'yes, I made it at home look'.

At first I thought about using A4 card and prining them out myself...'naaa can't be done' I thought....'my printer is crap!' Then I thought about designing a hangtag, saving it as a JPEG and taking it to 7-eleven to get it instantly printed out as a photo. This would then be cut, holepunched and tied onto each bag using twine....

I finally settled on using my business cards as they are simple. One side has the name TOTE designs and the other side has my email and blog details. So I thought it would be perfect. I've attached some photos of a bag I will be selling at the Design Festa with my hang tag. If anyone wants to leave constructive feedback, then go for it!

I like it... it's simple and it works. It looks like the hole is a little ragged, perhaps using a round hole punch would give it a little bit of polish?

Have you considered using stamps or stencils on your tags to echo the "handmade" qualities of your bags on your hangtags? It's kind of a neat way to be crafty and add a little colour.
Yeah the hole punch is a bit ragged eh...that's because I wasn't using it properly at the time. My other tags have nice round holes in them.

I did think of using a stamp, however I thought it may be a bit labor intensive....cuting the card then stamping each one.

I guess it's just a little bit more work at the end of the day, and if it's going to make the product just that little more sellable then maybe its worth it.

Thanks for your comment Danielle.
I love the colour of this bag and the stitching detail, very cute! Is this wool felt or synthetic fabric? I think your simple hand made tags are very 'wabi' and go with the handmade design. How's the ebay store going?
Thanks. I want to keep them simple.

As for the fabric, it's synthetic. At first I turned my nose up at it because I wanted to use natural fabrics, like wool and cotton. But after reading about the benefits of synthetic fabrics onthe Crafts Council website -http://www.craftscouncil.org.uk/wellfashioned/noflash/context.html
(Thanks to fiftyRX3's Flicker site)
I changed my mind.

Selling on ebay is going okay... I had three bags for sale about a week ago. One from Japanese fabric and another two using Indian fabric. I didn't expect the 'Indian' ones to sell on ebay -and I was right. They didn't. They were meant for the Design Festa anyway.

I haven't been making heaps of bags to sell on ebay (all my energy has gone into preparing for the Design Festa), so it's difficult to gauge exactly how it's going. But usually when I put a Japanese bag for sale on ebay, it sells.

BTW how about an update on what your up to? I'm dying to know how your future line is progressing!
I read that article about the use of synthetic fabrics too, it really got me thinking. Anyways, wool is not really a green/sustainable option if you're using Australian wool!! (check out the PETA web site!)

Hope you get tons of interest at the Design Festa, I like your suggestions for hanging the bags on wire.

I am in mad renovation mode,so, I'm not doing any development on my line as at present I don't have a studio! I will have a wonderful studio in approx 3 weeks, at the moment we are excavating the brick floor in it and laying a wooden floor and rendering the walls, so It's a non starter as a place to work at the moment. Should be amazing when it's all done! I'm excited and desperate to start working again!The best thing about moving to my new house was the previous owner was an artist and she left me a whole bunch of silk screens and beautiful oil paintings in my studio as a gift ! I'm now trying to source low impact printing inks so I can get to work on screenprinting !
What a great gift Lol B! Maybe it's a sign for you...
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