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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Shimokitazawa....the other Harajuku!

On Friday, my friend Tomomi took me to Shimokitazawa. Known as an artists town in Tokyo. It was completly different from Harajuku, where there are goth shops galore. Instead, there were homeware stores, the odd designer selling their clothes on the street and stores selling vintage clothing from America at not so secondhand vintage prices. For a vintage shirt, expect to pay between 1500-2500Yen. I didn't buy anything as I am used to paying $2.00 - 4.00 AUD for these kinds of clothes.

I did find a store tucked away by the name of GAFU. This tiny clothes store sells shirts, t-shirts and pants (Which were very comfortable when I tried them on), all from handwoven cotten (excpet for the t-shirts.) The clothes are designed in Japan, produced in Thailand, then shipped back to Japan for sale.

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