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Monday, May 29, 2006

So what's next?

Well, the Design Festa is over till December, and so are the Design Festa highlights on my blog. I have been checking for my video interview on the Design Festa website, but I think it was left on the cutting room floor.

I Iearned many things at the Design Festa. Like what to do, and what not to do. I am considering participating in December's Design Festa. Next time I will be more prepared for speaking to media, retailers and the general public.

So what am I going to do now? Well I have opened up an online store at Etsy.com. Click here for the link or go to 'my ONLINE STORE link located near the top of my blog. 5trillion is another DE who recently opened a store at ETSY, addition to her stand-alone online store. I like Etsy because it is simple to set up. I’m surprised I’m getting more people browsing than I did on ebay. As for ebay, I will continue to use it for the time being. It may be useful for driving traffic to my blog and redirecting customers to my Esty store. I have been surfing the net to see if I can use other websites to drive traffic to my store and blog. I have a few ideas and will post them up in the coming weeks.

I am also in the process of contacting the retailer who was interested in my bags. Once again, fingers crosses it will go ahead. I also have a women's accessory in the planning and design phase. (Thanks to Meli for the inspiration and reminding me of my past ideas).
Maybe I am being too transparent on my blog? Hummm, I don't think so...I am keeping some secrets. I think it is important to share knowledge and experience with other DE'S and to let my past and future customers know what I am doing. Design and fashion has always captivated people. Books are written about it and movies are made. DE blogs like myself are showing the less glamorous, but just as exciting side of fashion. Which is starting out.

Hey Jason,

I don't think you're being too transparent.

You are not saying or doing anything to harm your reputation, infact I think you are showing yourself in a positive light by demonstrating your entrepreneurial spirit and ethics.

Infact I'm really taken with you're Etsy store, its simplicity and good site design. I'm thinking that I may just give Etsy a whirl myself when my studio's finished!

You're quite an inspiration with you're persistance and thoughtful planning !

Good luck with the design festa contact!
Thanks for that reassurance lol B! I'll let you know how the retail thing went as soon as I find out.
Hi Jason,
No, I don't think you are being too transparent either. But I was thinking the same about my blog today. There was a short discussion about this on fashion incubator- which by the way is updated so often and with so much info I can hardly keep up! Someone made the comment that 'warts and all' probably wasn't the best approach, but I cannot see any harm in blogging about your progress.
I agree with lol's comments.
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