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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

TOTE designs display for the Design Festa

I've had a while to think about how I'm going to display my bags at the Design Festa. I had a few options.

Option 1.

Hire an A-2 or A-3 wooden panel at 29, 400 yen ($320 AUD) for the A-2 and 21, 000 yen ( $230 AUD) for the A-3. I would then hang the bags on the panels using nails or hooks.

I ditched this option because it was simply too expensive for my budget. Also, I have only made 20 bags, which means if I sell all my bags it will only cover the cost of hiring the panels and perhaps the cost of the booth too.

Option 2.

Hire a table and lay my bags out flat for display. Table cost 2, 520 yen ($30 AUD)

Yes, I ditched this one too. I was concerned I would not be able to display all my bags at the same time due the size of the table. I only have a small booth so it rules out having two tables. In addition, I was thinking if the bags are lying flat then it may reduce visibility. It won't be at eye level.

My other concern is customer-looking time (I'm sure there is a better word for it). There will be approx 6, 000 exhibitors and 51,000 people walking through. Now I've been to the Design Festa twice, so I know it's a lot to get through, plus the displays begin to look the same after while. When I went, I spent about 10 seconds looking at each exhibitor, longer for ones I was interested in (There just isn’t anymore time if you want to look at each one). So if everyone does that (which they may not), then it does not give me much customer contact time (does contact time sound better?). So I have come up with a more creative idea....


A clothes rack! (price: 2, 500 yen $25 AUD) Okay, now before the comments just read and visualize. The bags will be either hanging from hangers or using fishing wire, suspended giving them a ‘floating’ look. By doing this I am hoping to arouse interest or curiosity from the people passing by. I will also be displaying my label TOTE designs on top of the rack, using small display thingy’s…(sorry, I don’t know what they are called…just look at the photo.) I have not finalized my choice of fishing wire or coat hangers because I completely forgot to buy them today when I was at Joyful Honda so I haven’t been able to test it out.
So that’s what I’m going to do. I think it will be an interesting marketing experiment.

One of my close frinds used to have a stall at Portabello market in London and she found that hanging and suspending stock on wires really brought some interest to her stall. I've seen photos and it looked very funky, so I think you're idea should work really well, it'll be novel with the added bonus of not gobbling up all of your profits. Your wise not to invest too much in the display, it's the product that counts and better to reinvest in more fabrics etc for future projects than to blow it all on display.

Hope you get some keen buyers through! Is this event aimed at the general public or is it an event for retailers and buyers , or both ?

I think you're very brave and inspiring to be doing this when there are language barriers for you, you're not letting obstacles stand in your way! good on yer !
Thanks Lol B. I have changed my display idea a bit because I couldn't find fishing wire and I couldn't get the right coat hangers either. I am using your friends idea of hooks instead! It was good timing because I was having a rethink then checked my blog and saw your comments!

This event is for the general public. I don't want to go to market because what I do is too small for that and I want grow slowly. I am considering trying consignment in a shop depending on what sells on Saturday. When I get to that stage I will have a Japanese friend help me out.
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