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Friday, June 30, 2006

Follow up on the promoting online post

I was browsing fashioncapital.co.uk and found a fantastic article on promoting the websites of DE's. It covers some of what I have been doing myself and more. Check it out here.

Hi there,
Interesting stuff about advertising and also branding. (I have not read the blog for a while). I wonder how 'eco' the stuff Nike bring out really are. They may have used fabric with some hemp in it, but it may still have been made in a sweatshop, but many consumers don't really care about that. They just get that warm fuzzy feeling from wearing something that is 'kind' to the environment.
I think if you can get the message out that you are a designer and made the bag yourself and therefore it is very exclusive you should do well. It is a work of art, not just a bag!
The thing is getting it out there.
I will be looking more into advertising also, and let you know how I go.
Yes the majority of consumers are far more concerned with the brand on their back, rather than who made it and if it's enviromentally friendly. But I believe eco chic is just around the corner...however for Australia it may take a little longer.
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