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Sunday, June 04, 2006

J Quiz!

The time has come to test your knowledge of Japanese culture.This weeks quiz is...

Japanese girls wear school Uniforms on Saturday because...

A) They attend school for half a day on Saturday.

B) It's considered 'cute' to be wearing a school uniform.

C) Their parents can't afford to buy them clothes.

And the answer is.......

Well, I'll tell you tomorrow.

The whole school girl thing in Japan really is quite odd, there are lot's of mens magazines I believe that heavily feature schoolgirls.

Japanese women have a very different role in society than western women don't they? I met a wonderful Japanese girl who was caring for my daughter at Kinder she said she found it hard to be the 'pretty office flower' and that she thought Australian women had much more freedom, what's your experience of this ?
Yes the school girl thing is disturbing. Sadly there are LOTS of magazines that feature school girls...I don't know anything about the ages of the 'models' in the magazines. I hope they are over 18. Regardless, I wish these types of magazines didn't exist.

The role of women in Japan is a step back in time to the 1950's. Many of them are chained to the kitchen sink. Some of them work full time and are still expected to complete their household duties.

I have a friend who was excited about becoming a full time housewife and know many others who feel the same. But on the other hand there are many others who reject this culture among many other things. They are also dating western men.

One thing I hate is the serving of tea and coffee! I hate it when I am served tea by women. (I am talking about the culture of women serving tea here) When I get up to make a tea myself, there is a race by the women to reach the coffee table before I do. One time I made a coffee for someone higher up the rank than me. He replied 'I am your guest?'....I think it was a joke....
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