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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Jeans Review - Red Monkey Jeans

Whilst flicking through my favourite fashion mag 'Popeye' I discovered the next 'must have' jeans. RMC or Red Monkey Jeans are the new black! After a quick search on the net I found reviews and sites selling them online, but no offical RMC site.

Apparently along with Evisu Jeans, they are the one the most sought after jeans at the moment. What makes them so special? Well they only make 50 of each pair, making them unique. And you can have them... for $500.

Martin Ksohoh is the man who developed the concept back in 2001 whilst in Hong Kong. The company uses designs from japanese wood block prints that are embroidered on the jean pcokets. The japanese denim has been
processed in such a way that it is not harmful to the environment. However I'm not buying that one!

If you want to buy a pair check out this
website which is selling RMC starting from $99! The site also sells BAPE and Evisu. However, if other websites are selling them for $500 then why is this website selling then so cheap? I'm thinking ...FAKES!! You can also purchase them here for around the same price.

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