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Sunday, June 25, 2006


I’ve been thinking recently about how to promote my ‘TOTE’ label online and get traffic to my store. But apart from just ‘thinking’ I’ve put some ideas into action, such as finding other DE’s online and asking if they are interested in a DE linkup. I believe the more we (DE’s) link up with one another the easier we will be seen on the web.

In addition to that I have been talking to
Julie about having a section for DE’s only on Coutorture, which has happened if you take a look at the communities section. I will also will be writing for the Sydney based Camarilla website in the not so distant future.

Apart from this I have ideas such as submitting an article to
Crapazine, a web based magazine that features designers, artists and bloggers. And have considered using Google’s Ad Sense program.

Style Bites suggests contacting fashion assistants and sending in press kits or gifts that may one day end up in a photo shoot. That’s something I’ll keep for later. Till then I will focus online and more cheaper inexpensive avenues.

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