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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

When is a Jacket more than a Jacket?

I was reading a website about some jacket that had been designed by some designer. Looking at it made me think. "It's just a Jacket. What makes it different from the rest?' And From what I could see, there was no difference.

Well, what makes a jacket different from the rest? .

There are a few differences. Colour, the fabric used, the pattern, the quality of the sewing, tailoring and most importantly the brand.

If I'm looking for a Jacket, or any new item of clothing it has to grab my attention. I won't buy it just because I need a new (insert piece of clothing here).

I want something that has been cut from a good pattern. Something that has been made with thought. I must admit I usually play it safe when I'm buying something new, and stick with my favorite designers like
Francis Kwamee in Melbourne or Takeo Kikuchi in Tokyo. Usually these designers are selling more that just a jacket or a tee. Their designs are different and fit well. And I'm willing to pay for something that is different. However I might add I rarely purchase new clothes due to being ketchy and wanting to save some money for a change.

What about you? Are you the kind of person who buys a (insert new piece of clothing here) just because it's there and you need it? Or do you carefully choose that new thread?

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