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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Eco bandwagon

It's great that Levi’s have organic jeans on sale soon (via http://fiftyrx3.blogspot.com) and Adidas has recently come out with shoes made from army surplus materials (also via fiftyrx.3) But why? Is it because they care? Or are they just taking a chunk of the eco market? (most likely a large chunk because they are a brand) I believe they are doing it for the money, rather than the enviroment. But before I continue to rant on about these accusations I need to back myself with evidence.
After doing a search on the net I discovered the Levi's values and vision statement. It says nothing about the enviroment. The Levis's statement talks about empathy, listening to the world around them and being socially and ethically responsible. It saddens me that they would rather listen and then take action, than be a leader for change.
It was refreshing to see that Adidas actually has a policy and links to it's enviromental policy and sustainability on its website. I was happy to be WRONG! And happy to see a company as large as Adidas doing something. Lets hope this will spread to EVERY company.

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