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Friday, July 28, 2006

Lucky Taro

Remember when I went to Shimokitazawa in Tokyo with my friend Tomomi and bought a Lucky Taro? Well I've been seeing school kids with Lucky Taros hanging off their bags, which is a sure sign of an upcoming fad. Come Tuesday in Tokyo, and sure enough there were Lucky Taros everywhere! Some where a little different, a little cooler even, dressed up as witches or mummys. Expect to see them in your town soon!

Are they made from balls of elastic bands? They look like it. You could become a trend spotter, it obviously all happens in Japan first. People are still wearing Fido Dido here.

In that Harajuku film you did what’s with that chicks make up! Shesh, I am not looking forward to that reaching the eastern suburbs of Melbourne!
They are made from what looks like a thick cotton or wool. I am sure they would be easy to make. Still into Fido Dido...? Oh no!

Trendspotting is fun...and yeah I think I'm okay at it. Not blowing my horn and all...

The chicks make up is all part of the Goth look over here. Which is one of many looks in Japan
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