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Sunday, July 09, 2006


I haven't been doing much with the bags. I made a new one and posted it up on etsy over the weekend and in addition I have ordered some labels. They should be arriving around the end of August. I was also thinking about making some bags made from organic cotton. I ordered some sample fabric from NearSea Naturals, which were great, but a little too thin for bags, which means using interfacing. Which is not organic. So if I used an interfacing then the bag would only be 50% organic. Would you buy a bag that was 50% organic? I guess it is better than nothing. Anyway, I 'm still thinking about that one.

I have also finished off making my final 'obi' sample. Meli has already offered to buy a made to order obi, but as I was going through my fabrics for possible obi creations I found them to be a bit too dull. I'll post them up here for everyone to look at (including Mel). I may have to buy some more kimonos.

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