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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Summer Stylin Hair

Have I mentioned there are heaps of cool magazines here in Japan?….Yeah I have! There are magazines for every look… just in case you need an image change.
Pooch mags….by breed of course! And zines that specialize in cafes in Tokyo. I’m yet to buy that one though. This time I bought Smart’s special summer haircut issue. See, like clothes in Japan, hairstyles change with the seasons too.

Hairstyles are great in Japan even for GUYS! The styles constantly change and evolve. Wish I could say the same about Melbourne. I wonder if the Beckham cut is still in? The trouble is Melbourne looks to Europe for its hairstyle inspiration. The same goes for fashion. Melbourne needs to look everywhere, rather than the same spot. Anyway enough of the Melbourne issues and time for the photos…thanks to SMART magazine…and my camera!

Cool styles mate, are you going for something different now that you've lost your dreads?
Yeah it's way shorter. It's like the David Beckham haircut from a while back.

Sorry for the late reply!
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