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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Design Fest Dec 2 2006

I have decided to have another booth at the Design Festa on December 2nd. This time round I plan to have an organic range of tote bags which will have a screen-printed graphic on each bag using a Print Gocco that I just bought. I have wanted one for years but never bought one because it was too expensive for my student budget at the time. I forgot about it until I read Kirin Notebook which had a link for the Australian print Gocco website. I was going to buy one online however I spotted Print Goccos for sale in Tokyu hands in Tokyo and snapped one up! It’s only a basic set but if all goes well I will splurge and purchase a larger one at the end of the year.

Heya! Thanks for the link to my blog! That's awesome that you finally got a Gocco. You'll have so much fun using it and I'm sure whatever you print will look great on your totes :)

Have fun ^-^
Yeah, and now I want to buy one! Great new Aussie blog too at Kirin Notebook, I'll add that to my bloglines!
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