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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Project Runway

I was kinda over reality TV shows till I stumbled across this one. Now I am addicted to it! Project Runway is about 15 Designers who are given a chance to have a spread in Elle Magazine. Each week there is a project that must be completed and at the end of each show a contestant is given the boot. See youtube.com or visit the BRAVO TV website for more

Count me amongst the seriously addicted, I've watched all 3 seasons and also project catwalk from the UK too! U can download all bitorrents through mininova! Just waiting for episode 4 to be uploaded this week!
Cool! Youtube doesn't have many so I will check out mininova!
I've just got episode 4 off 'torrentspy' you need to have a torrent host such as utorrent or azureus to download the torrents. If you do it overnight then you should have it by morn! Good luck!

Mail me if you have any tech problems!
I downloaded uTorrent tonight and am currently downloading the first season of project catwork (London) Gonna need a few days for this as I only have dial up.
oh no! I have just deleted it all from my laptops memory, I could've just burned it all to disk and sent it you! Shame! Could do the same with the project runways if ya like, it'll take for ever if you only have dial up. I have all of series 1 and 2 and all of 3 so far. Should we be admitting to this stuff here?

Matthew is a little darling in project catwalk! You'll love it!
Prob not...I'll email you my details. I would love to have them. I will send you something as a thankyou.
Oh my god I am addicted to this. I JUST finished season one, so I can't talk to anyone because I don't want season 2 and 3 to be spoilt. Did you see season one? Oh man it is LOVE.
I haven't seen season one yet. But can't wait till Lol B sends them to me!
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