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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Review - SOU SOU

Ever since the summer festivals I have wanted a pair of tabi shoes. They look so different - they stand out. And that's what I look for when I'm after a new pair of shoes.

On Sunday, I was walking around Odaiba in Tokyo and stumbled across a fantastic store by the name of SOU SOU. Inside the store I found traditional Japanese clothes such as tabi shoes, geta and kimonos and t-shirts and shirts with quirky prints. The store also sells a small range of items for the home.

I quicky tried on a few different styles of the tabie shoes and was wrapped about how they looked, however like the traditional tabie I found the sole to be a little thin and if I wanted a bit more support for my arches then an insert was an extra cost.

The design of the tabie had not changed at all. The fabric was a thin canvas, which was the same as the original tabie. In the end I was a bit disappointed because the shoes did not fit the needs of someone like me, who requires an extra insert in my right shoe.

I would have liked the shoes to have thicker soles, thicker fabric and a better way of doing them up, rather than the traditional way. Zips would have been much better.

SOU SOU has great designs, but sadly I did not purchase tabie shoes.

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