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Sunday, August 06, 2006

A small shift

I am considering making a shift due to fabric availability for a few of my bags. Some of my bags that I have made, I have used recycled wool shirts. I think the bags look great, but I am struggling to find wool shirts even in winter. I could use cotton, but the finished product doesn’t look as good. So far, I see two options.

1. Buy wool fabric from a store.
2. Use polyester felt instead.

Option two is better, as it goes with my philosophy of creating products that are friendlier to the environment, however the finish will be different. I need to experiment with this.
I spent last Thursday trying to get my bags into some shops on CONSIGNMENT! I know it's a dirty word and Kathleen would go mad if she read this but the plan is to begin on consignment then later to COD. Small orders too, because everything is handmade by myself. So far I have only been to less than a handful of shops but I have been getting valuable feedback about my bags.

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