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Monday, September 11, 2006

Inspiration and Dragana Ognjenovic

I often wonder where designers get their inspiration from. Myself? Well, I get mine from Japan. It comes from the streets of Harajuku and the people walking about. The colours and what they wear gets my creative juices flowing. The Japanese countryside is another place for inspiration. The temples, the trees, and the seasons give me ideas. Other times, ideas just pop into my head or come from a dream I had the night before. I store all these ideas and designs I get, away in my head, ready for the future when I begin making clothes.

Recently my inspiration has come from my home country, Australia. The outback, plants, trees and flowers. The natural scenes of Australia combined with organic fabrics will be fused to make bags for the Design Festa on December 3.

Dragana Ognjenovic got her inspiration for her latest spring collection from everyday life, people, friends and the people she meets with. She also finds movies inspire her too. I can relate to how she gets her inspiration and how it could be transformed into wearable clothes. It's also great to be able to hear about where great designers get their inspiration from. When I think of great designers and see their designs, I am often left wondering, 'Where do they get their inspiration fom?' Well, Dragana Ognjenovic's interview has opened that window for me.

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