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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

NY Fashion Week and Fur

Okay so it's fashion week in NY. It's a great time to see glamour, beautiful people, great clothes and talk about it either online or with friends. I have to say I'm really enjoying the photography and videos that Julie and Phil are putting together for us. It's been great using them on my blog.

However, there is a not so glamourous sector of the fashion industry. And that readers is fur. Yes, that dirty work is back again. Everyone knows that I am not keen on fur. My issues with it is the cruetly that can be involved. Now there are some fur farmers who kill their minks humanely in the US. But sadly there are many other countries with fur farms that do not.

Jay McCarroll from season 1 of Project Runway and the Human Society have produced a film about fur trim. I found a snippet on YouTube, so I deceided to share it with everyone. I thought it would go well with NY Fashion Week.

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