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Monday, September 11, 2006

Playing with logos part III

And another but without the 'designs' part. I've been completely happy with 'designs' stuck on the end. Whenever I see it I think of Kathleen's book! These designs may need a bit more work. So if you a graphic designer and would like to help out feel free! In exchange, I will send you a bag free!

Hey, thanks for the comment. My bags take a while to make. To get it from fabric to etsy would be a few hours, depending on how many silly errors I make. At the moment I am not making things for profit at all, as I work full time. For me at the moment it is more about each bag being an artwork and I get far more from the creative process. I do get frustrated because I want to be able to make more than what I am doing, but I don't want to feel like a sweat shop worker. Everything you are saying I agree with, how do you strike that balance and I am ALWAYS wondering. People who are selling a lot of stuff, I wonder when they have the time to do it all!

Yeah, I don't want to do the sweat shop worker thing either. I guess a lot of the people on Etsy are doing it for fun rather than profit. If that is the case then customers are getting a great deal with what they buy.

But it also depends on what is being made. For example a bag can take about 4 hours...depending on what the design is. A screen printed T can take the same if you include design time too.

I guess long term I am looking to being more serious so this is why I have these concerns.

And thanks to the web I can talk to many people about these issues. I know I am not the only one thinking about this. I guess many people are looking for an answer.

BTW I enjoy reading your blog.
I am constantly looking at other peoples shops, both on etsy and online and I think, how do they do it all? Do they have someone to sew for them? I think because I work full time I regret that I can't spend more time doing it, and when the weekend comes I have all these ideas, but never end up being able to make as much as I hoped. But I know what you mean exactly and it is nice to know someone else has that concern.
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