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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Saitama outdoor exhibition and the enviroment

Today I went to an outdoor exhibition in Saitama. Which is about 68km away from Tokyo. The exhibition consisted of artists from Japan, Korea, and Australia.

There was one piece that I really liked, which was an over-sized roll of toilet paper made from pre loved clothes. The roll had messages like 'don't waste' in Japanese and questioned 'who can clear the earth?' . But I think the artist meant to say 'who will clean the earth?'

This question really struck me. I have often wondered about this myself, since the leaders of the world don't really seem to be caring too much about that. The reason is they'll be dead by the time we really have to make serious changes to our lifestyles and economy!

So who will clean the earth? Well, gen x and y have already begun in their own way. Some through eco-fashion and eco -design. But it will be the next generation that will have to clean the mess up! They have their work cut out for themselves eh? And it's a pretty bum deal. I mean, I don't like cleaning others peoples mess, so why should they??

So lets start cleaning up the earth now. Buy organic food when possible, buy vintage clothes and clothes made from recycled fabrics when you can too. Turn off those lights when you don't need them. Use public transport when you can. Just think of all those books you can read! And if you have the money (and own a house) get solar panels.

So enough of my rants. I'll get off my soapbox and turn off those lights!

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